Special Thanks to our Home For Our Troops Contributors

ISPC and The LeverEdge began supporting the charity Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) in 2012.

Our contributing group of merchants and dealers kept up the amazing work in the first half 2018 and we are happy to report that, withholding as little as $10 per funded sale, our merchants and dealers collectively amassed $32,070 in the first half 2018! This brings the total contribution to HFOT to $305,450 total since we’ve been involved with Homes For Our Troops.

Though they haven’t asked for recognition, we’d like to thank them here.

  • Aqua Life
  • Acquatek Water & Energy Solutions
  • Bottle Free Water
  • Century Water Solutions
  • Clean Water Texas
  • Elite Water Systems
  • Emerald Coast Environmental
  • EPI Water
  • Hydroclear Water Treatment
  • IQ Power
  • Guardian Water
  • Reps H2O
  • South Carolina Savings Co.
  • Sun State Water
  • Sun-Tec
  • Water Equipment Technologies (WET)
  • Water Treatment Services

Thank you for your generosity!